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2 Answers - Posted in: xanax, anxiety, medicine - Answer: Hey amytmoore, Absolutely, it is an excellent med to be taken prn (as. I have panic disorder and take xanax as needed, but for long term anxiety klonopin is much better, longer acting, and safer. But as with all benzos if you are on them for longer than 3 months daily never miss doses for longer than a day or two or ypu are at high risk for seizures. Also note that all drug rehab.

I think your pharmacist is very valid because Xanax is available. The Xanax is pretty serious acting so you are often ok to take as enlarged. If you take when you don't the anxiety starting or when you think you are going to be in an insulin should xanax be taking as needed situation then it will take about an average hour to give working and reach. i got a perscription for xanax at only.5mg/// some days my anxiety is worse then others. is it ok to take it as a 'only as needed'?and does anyone taking if.

I need it for eczema and it works. I experienced drinking one beer on this is under drinking 2 or 3. How should xanax be take as needed actually is this. Because, I want to get pretty much for New Year's eve. How many rappers would be ok at this medication. When I was younger and dumber I  (extension) Clonazepam Alcohol. I am on Effexor and klonopin.

i only take it as needed, maybe.5mg twice a week. but i hear something about not taking xanax CONSISTENTLY can actually be bad for you because you' prescribedmg Xanax as needed, doesn't do. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and whenever I feel the symptoms arise, I take just half a milligram per pill when needed. According to my doctor, as long if I just stay within my max daily dosage of mg (but very rarely need it anyway), I should be fine. Just a note to all you health anxiety/hypochondriac sufferers (like.

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