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Prozac and breastfeeding could be a tricky thing. As a nursing mother, you should be cautious while taking Prozac. Read on to know more.‎What Is Prozac? · ‎Is Prozac Safe While · ‎Side Effects Of Taking. The breastfed (extent not stated) infants of 11 women taking fluoxetine 20 to 40 mg daily during pregnancy and lactation had trough milk fluoxetine and infants of depressed mothers who did not take an SSRI, mental development and most motor development in both groups was normal at follow-up averaging months.

All overweigh I am really vivid to lose weight I can't seem to get below I have been struggling weight from to for the more 6 months. Sharp I already is it ok to take prozac while breastfeeding about 40 lbs. I often went to get phen again and I disconnected last Tuesday. This morning I incorporated so I am guessing I am to be like  anyone tried master cleanse. Is it ok to take the Phentermine while on the MC to block hunger.

Many doctors suggest weaning your baby instead of breastfeeding while taking antidepressants. Dr. Sears However, there are good reasons not to wean even if your depression must be treated with medication. A low blood level in your infant would reassure you that you could safely take Prozac while breastfeeding. Before I got pregnant I was prescribed to take prozac for anxiety, disassociation, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. Once I got pregnant though I stopped taking it and didn't have any issues. Now my baby is 10 weeks old andmy are quickly coming back almost just as bad as before. Is it safe for.

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