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TheLostBoys. , First few weeks of when I first started taking hydrocodone I would crush up the pill & place it under my tongue. The taste is nasty & bitter & if you can take the taste, then its worth the high because it hits you faster & stronger.(opioids) Crushing Vicodin pills and putting them into a. Hydrocodone is not time release in the US so as long as it is not a time release formula, it can be broken or crushed. Chewing it up WILL taste awful as KM pointed out. If you have difficulty swallowing pills, it does come in a liquid form (your doc will have to order liquid) or you can crush the pill with a pill.

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Many people ignore the risks of overdose because snorting hydrocodone is effective in speeding up not only the analgesic effect of hydrocodone, but also induces a euphoric high. Snorting If you still have questions concerning snorting hydrocodone feel free to post them at the comment section. We will. No one knows whether we swallow that pill whole, or put that pill between our molars and crush it to powder, then wait for it to hit. It's our If you beat the physical danger and manage either to avoid or survive liver failure (surviving it is rare), you then come up against the psychological dangers, which are.

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