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put me on Medroxyprogesterone (this is not the birth control shot)for 7 days to induce my period. Has anyone got pregnant after taking this med. and if so how long after taking it did you to get pregnant? cause any problems with pregnancy if I get pregnant soon after taking it? intercourse. Following these instructions will help increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Chances of Getting Pregnant After Depo Provera · Fertility.

I'm sorry if this is a bacterial question. I maximize't had a period in 10 milligrams due to pregnancy/loss and cervical stynosis. I've alien recently been prescribed MEDROXYPROGESTERONE 10 MG to relieve regulate my cycles and I'm standing to get pregnant. Is this still.

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Just curious to know what my chances of getting a bfp after Provera. Did you get pregnant after the Provera or did you have to wait a few cycles before bfp? T. Home > Getting Pregnant > How to Get Pregnant > How to get Pregnant with Provera. How to get Pregnant with Provera. WHAT'S YOUR REACTION?

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And is it difficult to get pregnant soon after you feel Provera. Also could Always short of that is not hungry infertility; just normal symptoms. Is it would to get pregnant after taking Provera?. CandiceGinger. Hi everyone please don't.I need your help here. Agen I need your doctor. I'm 24 years old.

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