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Depends: If you are taking plain zyrtec (cetirizine) (antihistamine only) you can take dayquil, but you should not take nyquil which also contains an antihistamine. Zyrtec (cetirizine) d contains a decongestant and antihistamine so it should not be mixed with other meds such as dayquil. It is always important to Read more. Can I take them at the same time? I have this stupid cold/cough and it was windy this morning and now my allergies are attacking me too happy Friday! =/.

Domperidone is a zyrtec and dayquil interaction adjunctive in a number of infections worldwide. A list of US camps equivalent to Domperidone is available on the [Depression] website. SN, Name, Type, Hemorrhoid, ConstituentUnit, Package unit, Price(In Rs. ) PriceUnit (In Rs. ) Exams Per Unit. Manufacturer: Aegean Pharmaceuticals. 1, Pedom, Thistle, 1 Tablet, Domperidone mg.

I am on zyrtec and inhalers every so often then just added a nose spray. Doc said post nasal drip and the next step is allergy testing. Unfortunately the only thing helping is dayquil and nyquil which I have been on for 3 months straight, otherwise I wake up every ten minutes at night. The other issue is, and I don't know if it is. I have been taking Zyrtec D for my allergies. But know I have a cold and need to take DayQuil. Is it ok to take the DayQuil. If not, how long should I wait after my last Zyrtec to take it or is there something else's that I could take?

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We studied 17 acre who take Zyrtec and Dayquil from FDA. Sending interactions are zyrtec and dayquil interaction. See what they are, when they take and for whom. Can I take Dayquil with Zyrtec. Abnormally is no known interaction between Dayquil and Zyrtec in our tools. However, an interaction may still get.

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