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Some googling revealed that spironolactone can cause emotional distress, which makes total sense to me, given that it messes with hormones. I was wondering how many other people have dealt with this issue when starting spiro, what coping strategies you used, and if it went away. I really want to stay on. I don't know why spiro is making me emotional but im looking for anwsers as to why before I stop the pill that has completely cleared my skin and given me my I've had depression and anxiety since staring spironolactone 3 years ago. Do you think combining spiro with an anti anxiety med would help?Spironolactone Mental/physical Side Effects - Prescription acne.

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You may want to ask about adding spironolactone to regulate November 4, | "You may want to ask about adding spironolactone to regulate I tried loestrin when I first started taking bcp (before PCOS diagnosis) and I had wicked emotional problems, and crazy sensitive breasts!" Comment Helpful? BUT it also warns that spironolactone can cause potassium levels to build up in the blood. If this happens, muscle Perhaps this'll put it in perspective: Sometimes I suffer debilitating migraines – the ones that make you throw up and kind of wish you were dead they hurt so bad. Today, I don't know if I'd.

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