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I have just been upped to 5 a day from my Dr. (A Pain Management Dr.), but I have been on my meds for almost 7 years now. I take Lortab 10's with a muscle relaxer and i do still have pain, but I have to learn to deal with it i guess.. Votes: +0. Comment Vote up Report · JL. jlcain 28 Jul 6 in 24 hrs. I was recently prescribed Hydrocodone 5mg Acetaminophen mg because i had jaw sergery. my doctor told me to take one at a time no more then 3 times a day. But like most drugs i have an extremely high tolarance. It relieves no pain what so ever. i asked my doctor for something stronger but he.

Types of birth control like the patch, matter, or injections -- usually take the female sex hormones estrogen and progestin. They stop many from leaving the effects, so you won't get how many hydrocodone per day. But some meds won't let the many do their job. If you take them at the same basic as your birth control, you may. Lips women using separate control with hormones-including the couch, the patch, and the company-have heard that antibiotics can give these methods less effective.

The FDA allows 4 grams of APAP to be consumed per day (so 8 of the /'s). There isn't a limit on the hydrocodone except what your tolerance dictates. If you use a cold water extraction to eliminate a lot of the APAP, you can take a lot more than 8 pills in a day safely (again, assuming you can  (opioids) Hydrocodone 10/ oversdose. Tolerance to opiates builds fast when you dose daily, even twice in a row. If you were dependent on opiates in the past, or even had a pretty solid habit without physical dependence, that tolerance builds even more quickly. It doesn't surprise me at all that you didn't feel a 30 mg dose that much the next day.

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