How long do the effects of lexapro last
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5 Answers - Posted in: lexapro, depression, headache, anxiety, side effect - Answer: Hi Blues- I am so sorry you feel so bad:(It usually takes How long do side effects from Lexapro last? i.e. brain Side Effect - I just weened myself off of lexapro 20mg this past week because I could t afford the? Lexapro DOES have a long half life of about 30hrs which means after taking a 10mg dose only 5 mg would remain in your body; after 60 hrs only mg, etc. . Sam; That would be 7 to 10 days after your last pill, The worst of the side effects well be gone and I really don't think you well have any real bad.

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Lexapro - Side effects are horrible for me-how long before first taking this do they go away? Has anyone else had this problem and does it go away? on 5 mgs, breaking the 10mg in half, but over time, and life circumstance, I have gone to the higher dose, from 5 to 10 and now 20mgs for the last 3 years. These side effects are just awful and I'm not strong enough to keep going as I'd do anything to stop feeling nauseated. As it is unknown to how long these side effects would last I just can't continue with these tablets. My anxiety is moderate and it does control my life. But I'm just scared to continue feeling so  Doctor upped dose today from 10 to 15mg escitalopram.

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