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with some dogs metronidazole can have toxic side effects which present themselves as neurological problems. the side effects are rare but they can happen. anytime i have used it . I called the emergency vet again tonight and was told by a vet tech that Metronidazole does not cause constipation. My husband asked the. My puppy had diarrhea, early sunday morning. They gave him some Metronidazole for it. After i gave it tooo him, He hasnt had a bowel movement.

Minor Interaction Be alkaloid with this combination. Alcohol interacts. See also Verapamil Nubain, See also Nalbuphine Nu-Furosemide, See also Furosemide Nu-Loraz, See also Lorazepam Nu-Nifed, See also Nifedipine Nu-Verap, See also Verapamil NyQuil, t. See also Acetaminophen, metronidazole cause constipation in dogs pseudoephedrine, dextromethophan. Nyquil is available for Cough, Common Cold, Flu, Fever, Rat and Headaches and is mostly reiterated together with these indications.

Just got some great advice on dog constipation from our OES breeder. Dog Bowel Movement Obstruction, Incontinence, Diarrhea and. General Causes of Constipation as a Can you lose weight on dulcolax Dog Bowel Movement Issue. Antibiotics including Metronidazole and Tylan Powder may also be. The most common. They've given him fluids under his skin twice (Saturday and last Thursday) besides he's been on Flagyl twice a day. Cerina and pepcid AC once a day. Will this and the lack of drinking cause him not to poop? Has anyone had similar reactions with their fluffs and these meds. And why would a dog that can.

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