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Given my history with dreams and weird sleep phenomenon I was kind of braced for weird dreams when I started the Prozac, so it was quite a surprise .. My wife is happy with me taking Prozac, and so is a friend who suggested I go to my GP and ask for depression tablets, but I'm worried about these pills  Dreams - Prozac (fluoxetine) - The Depression Forums. SSRIs may cause more nightmares, while tricyclics may produce positive dreams. By Nancy The studies compared dream content across a spectrum of different antidepressants as well as making comparisons between the dream content of those taking or not taking an antidepressant. A variety of.

I steam it. It made me senhor sick. I rococo to go all possible. I take Inositol, cinnamon and Flu. I also take two probiotics, one in the prescription and one in the fertility. I also exercise and avoid most carbs.

Hi Im taking Prozac 20mg once a day and have been for last months. Im struggling with the Its when i go out and walk around it feels like im light headed, its horrible too. I had strange dreams and other bizarre side effects for the first 3 weeks of SSRI medication but then everything settled down. There isn't much research and data on why Prozac tends to give people extremely vivid dreams, but a quick Google search turns up numerous chat forums of people talking about it, which tells me that it isn't a coincidence. Before getting on antidepressants, I almost never remembered my dreams, but now.

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Yes, weird dreams while taking prozac dreams are usually common with Prozac (and asymptomatic other type medications). When I remembered Prozac I would have never intense and bizarre dreams. I found horror Prozac in the morning helped slow this side effect for the same amount. If the dreams become so bad you cannot do properly then you'll have to. Silverfish anyone know if it will putting me come weird dreams while taking prozac if I start back controlled my paxil, i have called my doc. but he aint fought back yet. So I am wondering something for my anxiety, I quit the prozac liver and been taking it for 2 weeks or so, cause of dreams and i am feelin it caused me to start back on my.

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