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1 Answer - Posted in: estrace vaginal cream, premarin vaginal - Answer: Estrace has just estradiol and is used for replacement of estrogen not. Premarin (Conjugated Estrogens) relieves menopausal symptoms and prevents bone loss. It's an oral Activella (Estradiol / Norethindrone) is effective at treating symptoms related to menopause and preventing bone loss. More potential side effects than estrogen creams since it exposes your whole body to estrogen.

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Vaginal estrogen options: Four vaginal estrogens exist: two creams (Estrace and Premarin), one ring (Estring) and one tablet (Vagifem). All are brand-name drugs which Of note, Estring was not compared in the above mentioned study where tablet vs cream was compared. Do I need to take progesterone. Femring is a higher dose estrogen than Estring so more tend to go with Estring. Women love the rings. Studies have shown women prefer the estradiol releasing vaginal ring, Estring, to Vagifem or Premarin cream for ease of use, comfort and satisfaction. Estring is expensive but remember 1 ring lasts for

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