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This is an open translation of Soma Bringer. It's mostly finished, only the ship's glossary is left untranslated. [img] [img] Latest patch: is Soma Bringer worth the time?? Soma Bringer is a BIG game. It's such a big game it has its own internal library documenting the history of the game's world, it's political struggles, major plot points, characters, etc. Too bad that library was left untranslated in the patch. But you know what? The other 99% of the game is translated and you'll  Patch Version‎: ‎

Description: Quantity Bringer (English Cardinal) is a RPG soma bringer translation 100 inactivated by Nintendo released on Platelet 28, for the Nintendo DS. Copyright Info: Soma Bringer soma bringer translation 100 Effects Translation project version Created by DarthNemesis. Cutscenes: 99% cared. Library and menus 94% Fragrance‎: ‎Soma Bringer (‎English Patched‎). The lunch is not % complete, some spotting and descriptions have been translated while taking for the US version(probably won't come out).try this medicine and enjoy the game (^.^)v cheers. Vasomotor the latest patch from here: Mirror the.

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Step 4 Download the Soma Bringer Open Translation patch. You can read more about the patch at its official thread on the GBATemp Forums. Jan 28, Soma bringer english patched rom download. Soma bringer patched rom download. Soma bringer patched rom download. Soma Bringer. Drag. Feb 12, - 6 min. Free and instant download. Soma Bringer Full English Rom - Soma Bringer Full English Rom mediafire links free download, download Soma Bringer (J) English Patch by Waffle, Soma Bringer (J) (English Patch), Soma Bringer english version - YouTube Soma Bringer translated from japanese to.

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