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I was switched by my pharmacy from Synthroid to the generic, Levoxyl, about 6 months ago and seemed to have developed a facial rash which is somewhat splotchy over my cheeks (more on one side than the other). Is it possible for generics to cause this kind of a reaction. My TSH levels seem to remain in check ranging. On the same day, I had a very dry flaky rash on my cheeks. I put eucerin calming cream on it and it got better. I've been on synthroid, and am feeling much better, but I have a persistant rash on my face. My cheeks stay a little pink to flushed, and I have extremely dry skin in spite of slathering on moisturizer.

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It has gradually gotten to the point where my eye are slits and my face is swollen and VERY red with a weeping rash. It's just my face - the rest of my body is clear. I haven't seen the endo since May but calls to his office have indicated he doesn't feel it can be the Synthroid. My derm is completely baffled. This happening to anyone else? I'm taking mcg of synthroid.

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