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CIPC CIPRO DTI Logos. The 1st of May signals the birth of the new. Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) CIPRO and OCIPE merged to form CIPC. CLICK HERE to go to the CIPC website. cuztomize.info Service Delivery Charter · Links to Other Government Institutions · Cipro Careers. Companies. Close Corporation. Companies and Close Corporation. Patents . Start Here Enterprise Enquiry. Enterprise Name: Enterprise number: / /. Name Search. Enter the enterprise name you wish to search for Search Operators.

PEP Topic. Mucositis. Asthenia. Allopurinol is a medication that is not used to treat gout and buy uric acid belongs. It prevents uric sideways production by blocking activity of an animal that converts purines to uric acid.

Who is Cipro? This company is a result of the merger of two former directorates of the dti, SACRO – South African Companies Registration Office and SAPTO – South African Patents & Trade Marks Office, from 1 March into a single efficient and customer driven Business Agency called CIPRO. This website is a new. “It was decided to allow customers to lodge annual returns at the CIPRO premises until 6pm on weekdays until 31 January ,” Cipro acting CEO Lungile Dukwana said on Wednesday. “We have already noticed an increase in the number of lodgements and would like all business entities to have an.

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