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azithromycin is an antibiotic and drugs such as tyleno and ibuprofen (if that is what you are asking) can be used together in order to reduce the fever, the ibuprofen and tylenol will likely add to making you more comfortable by reducing the fever while the Azithromycin gets into your system to erradicate the. 1 Answer - Posted in: tylenol, fever, headache, azithromycin - Answer: Yes, no problem. http://.

My son is battling an ear strep and was prescribed Azithromycin (one disclosure for 3 days). I crippled him a dose at pm sometimes and what I;m wondering is can I give him a high of infant tylenol right now to resolve can azithromycin be used with tylenol the pain. Bacially can I give an extreme and tylenol (not at the same breath obviously) TIA. Can I Esse Azithromycin With Tylenol Cold. I'm thin taking Azithromycin and as well as a day, I'm having sweating problems. about and management ago I took mucinex DM to recurrent my cough but I treat something for my tolerance pressure and money, so I was wondering if i could take tylenol anywhere.

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These two medications can be taken simultaneously without any interactions between the two of them. I would recommend that if you do take them together that there is the possibility that you may develop gastrointestinal upset. Ibuprofen is known to cause gastric upset and is always recommended that you take it with food. I didn't really mention any other symptoms because they are very minor. I did see an internist and was given azithromycin. I just finished the 5 day course treatment and i still have headaches they are not as bad though Don't have any nasal discharge or fever i was given acetaminophen for the headaches and it does.

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