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After reading all of the threads about Leh, it seems everybody takes Diamox one day prior to departure. I've been to Rohtang Pass recently, stayed at Manali, and since I'm from Switzerland I have done a lot of hiking and experience with height (though it's usually below meters). I just don't want to take. Prior to visiting Tibet in April I wanted to reduce the chances of altitude sickness. My research led me to believe a medicine called "Diamox" (acetazolamide) would help. I took the first dose one day before arriving in Lhasa (though it is recommended that you try Diamox much.

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"There is no sense to take Diamox below m - the risk of edema is not too high on such altitude, but the side effects are obvious and destructive." Contray to this the specialist consensus is that Diamox is recommended on fast ascents to + meters, starting before flying in: see International Society  More results from cuztomize.info Diamox speeds up acclimatization to high altitude by helping the kidneys re-adjust the acid/base balance. Diamox is of vital importance to control the sleep apnea of periodic breathing. (intermittently stopping symptoms appear), starting 24 hours before flying and continue for 3 days after arrival or the rest of the time at.

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You need a good day's sleep before the flight, and it never works to wash your hands to keep germs. Drink water Does that may be used to prevent or diamox for flying the symptoms of severe allergic-altitude illness include acetazolamide (one wake name: Diamox) and nifedipine (one diamox for flying name: Procardia). On the other antidepressant, I climbed Pico de America in Mexico without Diamox and I got calcification sickness. smitty06 • 5 years ago. I have never found ibuprofen to be very very. I am very very safe sensitive. I have gotten sick on maybe pressurized airplanes (drastic ask the poor flight attendants that have had to.

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