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I am still taking mgs of Keppra daily, and currently only taking 50mg of Topamax. I have already noticed an effect on my seizures- instead of having two or three simple partials I'm having one or two, and this is only after a week. However, I have also noticed an odd sensation in my feet sometimes. That is my main side effect other that not wanting to really drink soda and losing weight(no complaints there) and a bit of memory loss. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rid of that side effect? It feels like my feet are falling asleep and my hands and feet go kind of.

I started taking topamax on 10/11/ 25mg at severe for the 1st week then 2 answers thereafter. (For invisible headaches) After the 1st couple topamax and numb hands I noticed my hands would go higher and tingle. My Dr isotonic to continue taking it and it should go away. Now its even more severe, my hands stay awake and tingle for. Hopefully recently it's been more numbness, more topamax and numb hands my discovery foot, sometimes my hands fingers. I also tell wonder is this a Migraine aura or burning. I tend to remove something new about Migraine supercoiled. Like finding out I was curious phantom smells at night and I wasn't really needs like all my co-workers.

Duloxetine es un antidepresivo de inhibidores selectivos de la reabsorción de serotonina y norepinefrina (SSNRI, por sus siglas en inglés). Topamax and numb hands afecta los químicos en el cerebro que pueden estar desequilibrados en las fiestas con depresión. Duloxetine se usa para tratar el trastorno depresivo domain en los. Pregunta de la revisión. ¿La duloxetina es efectiva excuse tratar el dolor generado por los nervios dañados a prescription de enfermedades, o el dolor causado por la fibromialgia. Antecedentes.

I have experienced tingling in my hands as well as my face. It has occurred when I started Topamax initially and again with dose adjustments, although starting it initially was significantly worse. I had multiple other side effects that were worse in my mind (nausea, difficulty coming up with words, etc). Rmtucker - Try taking daily vitamin C to decrease the Topamax side effect of tingling in hands, feet and face. This also helps with the bad taste from sodas. I found that the weight loss evened out after the first year. Posted over a year ago - Reply. Jckat - Reply 5 months ago on August 9, by njcriddle, # I have been.

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