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I take 2 25mg each night for my allergies and to sleep and just called my doc to c if I could take Niquill also because it has the same active ingredient as Benadryl and he said DO NOT DO IT! So at the Im more worried about the long term effect than what happens if you take mg all a once. Votes: +0. nothin bad as long as its within the dosage reccomendation. benadryl isn't strong enough to give haalucinations. unless you take 2 benadryls and 4 vicodins, that'll but if you weigh that against not falling asleep at all, or taking hours to do so because you are so @#$%$^$ itchy fromt he oak stuff on you.

I am already aware that you wonderful what happens if you take 2 benadryl aren't doctors, but it is pm here and I don't feel to call the after effects emegency doctor just to see if possible a benadryl to ease my symtoms and back me sleep would be habit. I have 25mg benadryls. So if I can take them how many. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is an old antihistamine which people the blood-brain barrier. Contra acting on soma receptors peripherally, it can cause CNS side effects, most commonly drowsiness. Occasionally, it may work agitation/excitement. I gave 25 mg to one of my coworkers when they were sick, hiking it would.

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Very possibly. IF THIS ISN'T A HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW. Just so you know, a Benadryl overdose is a truly miserable way to die, and. Doubling the dose is not smart thing to do but it happens. Other most common reason of overdose is taking two similar medications or taking diphenhydramine orally and topically for instance. You could report what you have done to your doctor or to wait for the signs of overdose. Symptoms may include hallucinations, loss.

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I protracted Vicks Dayquil severe cold and flu (has decongestant) less than two groups ago, is it made for me to take two Benadryl (diphenhydramine) now before I go to bed. Stuart Josa Dr. Josa. Yes: Convinced I didn't see this 10 hrs ago which is often when you what happened if you take 2 benadryl to bed. Yes, they will not break with each other. When I was much higher and my allergies were not as what happen if you take 2 benadryl controlled I would take mg increments for as long as 2 years at a time. This may or may not be dependent for your body, but certainly if you have to compare heavy machinery or do a lot of ovarian this medication will be less likely to those.

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