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However, I notice that since I've been taking Zoloft, I don't seem to "feel" my feelings anymore. This is not necessarily normal but not completely uncommon with medications like Zoloft. What you need to I just took zoloft for OCD and depression and lately i can't feel any emotion. i can hardly smile, laugh or cry. Aug hi everyone i was recently prescribed generic zoloft 50mg .however i talked to a few people who have taken it and said it made them not able to feel much emotion and not able to cry even if they wanted to cuztomize.info i am a theatre student and have been really talented at getting myself to a deep emotional  Episodes Of Happiness, Submerging Emotions / Crying Fit?

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I was also on Zoloft after my son was born having suffered a stroke in utero. It totally helped the panic attacks, the impatience, and the crying. And I loved that. The only problem was that it made me tired — exhausted — to the point that when I got home from work, I had no way to keep my eyeballs open enough to enjoy time. Now that I'm on Zoloft, I have the opposite worry: When I find myself in a situation that calls for tears — seeing a friend I've lost touch with for the first time in years, sitting at the funeral of a friend's parent — I feel self-conscious about not weeping. “I'd cry, but I can't because of my antidepressant” is my.

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