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I am going to be taking plane ride in America (non international so its just from one state to another) and wanted to bring a lot of xanax (about with this kind of stuff. I am flying with my family so I can't even be questioned or anything about the pills or else I will be in trouble. 9 comments; share; save. hide. My mother in law gave me a Xanax to take before my flight to L.A. for pre flight jitters. You'll be find with mama's pill of Xanax in your pocket. look and act suspicious as hell and get a random pat down which they still wouldn't find it but by that time your heart will be racing and you'll be sweating bullets.

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What's allowed on the plane - This is determined by security rules. If a prescription drug is not a liquid that takes you over the liquids limit, then it's allowed. If it takes you over the limit, it's generally still allowed as long as you can prove that it was prescribed to you. Prescription drugs in pill form are not a. put it in your dirty draws or the pocket of your pants. The luggage that boards the plane is x-rayed. B. Have it on you. Tape it under my nutsac or put it in my bum. Leave it in my pocket and take off every metal piece before you walk through a metal detector. C. Put it inyour carry on bag with some tyleon pills.

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