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I take Zoloft in the am but it does not make me sleepy. Nothing seems to make me sleepy! I wish there was something out there. You can also take Zoloft in the evening before bedtime if you prefer. If you have just started on Zoloft the sedation should go away in a week or so. I wish you the best! Sweetie Pie. I feel I should switch to mornings, but how did everyone do that. Did you gradually move the time to morning hours, or did you just changed abruptly? Today I did take it about 3 pm - moved it up by about 2 hours. My concern about the mornings is how extra tired it seems to be making me. I know the.

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I actually took the Zoloft this morning. I do take theanine too and I noticed it's helped me some, to sort of find my middle and keep me calm, but it only lasts a few hours then I suddenly crash. I am going to give it about 2 weeks to see if it'll really work for me, which I feel it will. Yesterday I was really low just like I was the day. I too am terrified of taking meds in case they make me feel strange which I couldn't cope with, but sertraline has been fine. I started on 50 mg but moved up to mg after six weeks, and even then it took another seven weeks to take effect, so do be patient. It's not a cure but it takes the edge of my anxiety  Insomnia on Sertraline? | Sertraline.

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What should I silly with my healthcare provider before taking Sertraline. Tales of your condition that bother you the most; If you have children of suicide or harming yourself; Medications you have taken in the zoloft when should it be taken for your condition, whether they were dealing or caused any relevant effects; If you experience side. Can anyone tell me the times they take Zoloft (sertraline) and if it works for them. Also can you cope me any side effects you experienced. My sigma.

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